Nicole Kang, Actor

Efficient. Very advanced film editing skills. She’s very in tune with the culture and can edit for any platform. (Instagram Tik Tok etc) also incredibly good at adapting styles, taking tone notes, and adding flair. She has helped me create content for my Instagram and TikTok account. She has also taught me and shared with me all the latest trends. I couldn’t do it without her. She shares my passion for activism and also for silly dancing videos. Thank goodness she can do it all!

Alice Kremelberg, Actor

Erica and I have shot many photoshoots and video shoots together and she is incredible. Such a professional with endless creative visions. A true visionary. And her attention to detail from beginning to end is so evident. The results blew me away honestly and working with her is always such a joy. She is such a joy to work with and be on set with. Her creative vision is clear, but is also a inherit collaborator. I feel like I am in such good hands when I work with her, and the results have always been incredible. I couldn’t recommend her more.

Haylee P Thikeo, Story Coaching

I was really happy with Erica's work. What she produced for me aligned closely with my mission and business values. Erica was really great to work with! She met all her deadlines and was really supportive of creating my mood board! I love Erica's approach to understanding my business needs. She's a great visual artist and consultant. Whenever I was stuck on content ideas, Erica provided great support. She met all of her deadlines and I was very satisfied with her work. I would highly recommend Erica's services to anyone!

Erica Sellers, Furniture Designer

I hired Erica to shoot some footage of various performance-based furniture works I was/am working on. She is a GREAT film editor and can direct--as well as take direction perfectly. She was flexible with my thoughts and ideas and she was a tremendously great energy to have around. She is clearly very talented. Looking forward to working with her again.

Erica Pappas, Actor

Erica was so professional, hardworking, energetic, and encouraging throughout our entire shoot. She planned the style of the shoot and was totally prepared with wardrobe, set, props, and makeup for all three models. She stayed on point throughout the shoot and got us our photos incredibly quickly. They came out great — dynamic, exciting, and stylized, and with a cheeky storyline that was fun to engage with while working. I'd work with Erica again in a heartbeat!

absolutely. Erica's enthusiasm is great for novices and pros alike. she handles so much responsibility with cheer and grace, but is happy to invite in collaborators to build anyone's vision.

Brianna Reis Ryan,  Actor/Writer/Producer

Erica is truly an outstanding photographer (and wonderful person) with an almost mystical ability to capture the most beautiful, imaginative, and fun photos and video footage! With a keen eye for detail from the props, wardrobe, makeup...everything was perfect! Erica is professional and so fun to work with! She is such a talent, and I look forward to working with her again!